Republican Party’s Instagram just “praised” Trump-appointed women in humiliating post


In a desperate attempt to paint Trump as anything other than a pro-white, pro-male president, the Republican Party’s official Instagram account tried to highlight some of the president’s selections to “senior-level government and campaign positions” with a post that certainly missed the mark.

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Among those listed in the GOP account’s failed attempt at honoring women were First Lady Melania Trump, First Daughter Ivanka Trump, and Second Lady Karen Pence. How historic.

Of course, the First and Second Ladies are not political appointees, but rather simply spouses. Ivanka is serving as an adviser in the White House, despite assurances before taking office that Trump’s children wouldn’t have government positions. The president has also appointed his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to a White House role as senior adviser. Unsurprisingly, neither is qualified to hold governmental positions.

Days ago – in its continued efforts to pander to any faction of the populace other than white men – the White House announced that Melania Trump would be presenting an award to women who have advocated for women’s rights around the world. The move comes amid the turmoil that is her husband’s very public legal feud with his porn star mistress.

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The Republican Party’s tone-deaf attempts at inclusion would be funny if they weren’t so devastatingly backward.

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