Trump cabinet members squandering taxpayer money just got what they deserve


Four of Trump’s baddest behaved cabinet members got called into the principal’s office for an official scolding, CNN reported today.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt all met with White House counsel in response to a number of troubling ethics reports to come out of each of their departments in recent days.

Chief of Staff John Kelly called the meeting in order to try to get things under control. The administration has been caught up in a whirlwind of bad publicity with one ethics violation hitting the news after another.

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Zinke got caught spending $139,000 on doors just yesterday. This, after already spending $53,000 on helicopter rides including one to go horseback riding with Vice President Pence.

Ben Carson was skewered in the press for purchasing a $31,000 dining set for his office. This was after he made comments that public housing shouldn’t be made “too comfortable” for the low income residents his department allegedly serves.


Shulkin is dealing with a damning report from the VA about huge expenditures on a 2017 trip to Europe that had him and his wife galavanting across the continent at taxpayer expense.

Pruitt is facing scrutiny over myriad first class flights back to his home state of Oklahoma.

All were reminded that “optics matter,” and that they really need to get their houses in order and stop making this administration look like a circus. The President has that covered all by himself.

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