Trump’s Interior Secretary just spent $140,000 in taxpayer money on the most ridiculous thing


Adding to the list of questionable purchases made by members of the Trump administration, we now have a questionable line item from Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s office.

Records from the Interior Department show a purchase identified as “Secretary’s Door” labeled on a work order cost $139,000. Unless that door goes to Narnia, it’s a fairly inexplicable cost.

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This comes just days after reports surfaced that Ben Carson’s office in Housing and Urban Development had purchased a $31,000 dining room set.

Zinke’s door isn’t even the first outrageous expense incurred by his office. Last year, he spent $53,000 on helicopter rides.

It makes sense that no one in the Interior Department is willing to comment on this, considering Tom Price was forced to resign last year from his role as the head of Health and Human Services. This, after he racked up nearly a million dollars at taxpayers’ expense traveling on private jets.


Someone needs to tell this administration about Homegoods and Kayak. For a President who prides himself on the “art of the deal,” he doesn’t seem to have stacked his cabinet with anyone capable of finding one.

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