Obama’s new Netflix announcement just surged into the spotlight


This latest announcement has the potential to shake up both the media world and the political world. The streaming giant Netflix has just announced an unprecedented partnership with former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. The deal, which hasn’t been hammered out in terms of financials or specifics, would have the former president and first lady creating exclusive content for the streaming video platform.

This comes as the country’s media landscape is more fraught than ever. With the recent indictment of 13 Russian nationals by special counsel Robert Mueller for waging “information warfare,” it’s become clear that access to clear, honest media is more important than ever.

The President has remained largely unseen and unheard as Trump endeavors to dismantle his legacy piece by piece. But he has made comments here and there expressing frustration with the state of things when it comes to the media.

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He is seriously troubled by the dichotomy between the stories you get from FOX News versus mainstream media outlets, and the fact that viewers of each seem to live in completely different realities. It makes a functional political discourse nearly impossible.

The Netflix deal would give the Obamas a huge platform to deliver the kind of clear, unbiased, and informed information they value on the issues important to them.

Ideas that have been floated are all nonfiction talk show or documentary formats that would capitalize on the popularity of the Obamas’ personalities and charisma to deliver informative content that will hopefully move the needle in terms of media literacy.


No word yet on how much the couple will be paid for this deal. They’re highly coveted personalities but they are media newbies. Ryan Murphy recently agreed to leave his home at FX to produce content exclusively for Netflix for $300 million over five years, but he is one of the most high profile show runners in the business.

Whatever form it takes, the deal between Netflix and the Obamas is groundbreaking and much needed.

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