Sessions publicly insulted California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. His response just went viral


During today’s speech at the California Peace Officers’ Association in Sacramento, California, attorney general Jeff Sessions announced a Department of Justice lawsuit against the state of California to block the recently enacted “sanctuary state” laws.

The laws are designed to protect the immigrant community in the state from the onslaught of ICE officers tearing families apart per the Trump administration’s xenophobic agenda.

Sessions hit Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who famously warned her city’s residents of an impending ICE raid, which prevented the agency from locating over 800 people.

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“To make matters worse, the elected lieutenant governor of this state praised her for doing so,” Sessions said. “Bragging about and encouraging the obstruction of our law enforcement and the law is an embarrassment to this proud and important state.”

Newsom, California’s Lieutenant Governor and frontrunner to replace term-limited current governor Jerry Brown, saw the pointed attack and offered a brilliant comeback.


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Sessions may lob insults, but his legacy has and will continue to bring shame to this country. He is squarely on the wrong side of history, and his misguided policies will soon be overturned as soon as this disgrace of an administration is rightfully and imminently discarded.

Whereas men like Sessions are our unfortunate past; Newsom is our future—and that is something that Americans can be proud of.

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