A new report just sent Republicans into a panic as their tax cuts backfire bigly with voters

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Tax cuts.  That’s the one thing – literally, the only thing – that President Trump and his supporters in congress and the right wing media point to as an achievement of his first year in office.

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They’ll run-off a list of statements and policy reversals that sound like accomplishments if you let them, but most of those are inconsequential at best, outright false at worst.  Tax cuts are the only one resembling an achievement.

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So while it comes as no surprise to economists – or anyone who can do basic math, really – that the windfall for average American workers promised by the president has completely failed to materialize, it must be a shock to those in Trump world who really believed his overhyped promises.

The New York Times sent reporters to Ohio to interview some of those ‘real’ Americans President Trump insisted would benefit from his tax cuts, and found something that’s scaring the pants off of every Republican facing reelection in November.

Most workers there are seeing, “an additional $40 in a paycheck every two weeks on the high side to $2 a week on the low. Few are complaining, but the working class here is not feeling flush with newfound wealth,” writes the Times‘ Michael Tackett.

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“I have seen a little uptick in my paycheck, about what I expected, about 30 bucks,” Matt Kazee told Tackett.  Kazee voted for Trump in 2016, and added that the tax cut, “felt to me about like where things were 15 years ago.”

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More from the Times report:

Rob Wright, a strong supporter of Mr. Trump who works in a machine shop, said that the 30 additional dollars he is seeing in his paycheck is “30 a week that the government isn’t seeing.”

“It’s just a little extra money I can count on,” he shrugged. “It’s not going to change my life.”

For others at his machine shop, he said, “It’s a couple gallons of milk and loaves of bread to feed their kids.”

The underwhelming reality of Trump’s tax plan for these working class Americans stands in stark contrast to the massive gains seen by corporations and the super rich.  Yet still, the president and his fan boys hail the cuts as just the highlight of a year of amazing accomplishments.

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Trump also likes to take credit for the successful shepherding of Justice Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court bench, but that honor – such as it is – belongs to Senator Mitch McConnell.  The Republican Majority Leader stole the seat away from President Barack Obama by refusing to hold hearings on his nominee for an entire year following the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia in early 2016.

No, the only check mark in the win column for the president is the one for his his cut tax cuts, and he’s betting everything that the difference those cuts made to every day American voters will be so huge that they’ll insulate him from any attempt to remove him from office, either at the ballot box in 2020, or through some other constitutional remedy.

So far, that bet is looking like the rest of his presidency: a massive flop with almost no chance of paying off.



Peter Mellado

Peter Mellado is a writer, producer, and a branding and messaging specialist with over 15 years experience. He studied history at San Jose State University, and resides in Los Angeles.

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