James Comey just teamed up with Stephen Colbert to put fear in Trump’s heart


Former FBI Director James Comey has kept a relatively low media profile since Trump fired him over his refusal to drop the investigation into Russian meddling in his election. Outside of the occasional tweet, Comey has avoided television interviews while he sat home and worked on an autobiography, to be titled “A Higher Loyalty, which explores “what good, ethical leadership looks like and how it drives sound decisions.”

While Comey has avoided seeking the spotlight, thanks to the continued investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia, now under the supervision of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, his name has rarely been out of the news.

Now his book has a release date, April 17th, and Comey is ready to head out on the publicity tour. Stephen Colbert has snagged the former FBI Director for his first late night talk show appearance on the same night as the autobiography’s release, according to Variety Magazine.

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“We’re gonna need a bigger chair and I’m gonna need a stepladder to interview the guy,” Colbert joked, referring to the famously tall Comey.

Colbert announced the highly sought-after booking on air and then posted a clip of the announcement on Twitter.

While the interview with Colbert will be Comey’s late night debut, he’s also scheduled to appear on a no-holds-barred ABC News special with George Stephanopoulos two days prior to the book’s release.


With a spate of publicity on the horizon for Comey, it will be interesting to see what Trump has up his sleeves to counter the bad press that the former FBI director will surely be generating about the President’s behavior in office and during the campaign. Expect a new spate of lies posted on Trump’s Twitter feed as soon as Comey shows up on the first TV screen.

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