Trump just humiliated himself in front of Sweden’s prime minister with a childish “joke” (WATCH)


During today’s joint press conference with Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven, a reporter posed a question about the burgeoning diplomacy between North and South Korea.

When asked what he might credit for their “openness to talk,” Trump gave a blunt – albeit characteristic – response.

“Me,” he said.

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When the comment was met with deafening silence, Trump simply suggested that he was joking, claiming, “nobody got that.” Of course, it’s not surprising that no one would “get” it. His almost inconceivable degree of narcissism is widely known, so the suggestion – while absurd – is wholly believable coming out of his mouth. And if he was indeed joking, well, it wasn’t funny.


More likely, North and South Korea are pursuing diplomacy in spite of Trump’s every effort to encourage war. Or perhaps because there is a new agitator on the world stage, international alliances are forming in opposition to the United States. In either case, there is very little to brag – or “joke” – about.

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