Jimmy Kimmel just responded to Trump’s Oscar attack with the perfect taunt


Once again, our egomaniacal president took to Twitter this morning to rant about how great he is and how his perceived enemies are all failures. Trump, who was once a firm fixture amongst the Hollywood glitterati, has now become persona non grata in Tinseltown, with its largely liberal luminaries turning against him over his overtly racist, antiscientific, hateful agenda.

Never one to take well to ostracization or criticism, our reality television potentate has dug in his heels and declared war on the entire Hollywood establishment.

This past Sunday the 90th Academy Awards were held in Los Angeles. The Best Picture Oscar was awarded to the Shape of Water, a film celebrating outsiders and the accepting of those different from ourselves. The director of that film, Guillermo del Toro, is a Mexican filmmaker. Best Original Screenplay went to Jordan Peele for Get Out, a film about the horror white supremacy and the exploitation of African Americans.

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All of which is to say, if Trump was watching he must have surely have been incensed as his deeprooted xenophobia was rebuffed by his former chums. Perhaps that partially explains his pathetic tweet this morning.

Trump mocked the Oscars for having their lowest ratings in “HISTORY.” He said the reason for the low viewership was that we don’t have “stars” anymore except for him. He then added a parenthetical “just kidding, of course.” It’s a supremely odd tweet written by a weak, insecure man.

Donald is supposed to be running the free world but instead he is just as obsessed with “ratings” as he was back when he was running The Apprentice. He refuses to mature and can’t see beyond his own bruised, turgid ego.


Trump is a sideshow, he’s a train wreck the world can’t seem to look away from. He’s not a “star” in the traditional sense because stars are celebrities that people actually like. With his abysmal approval ratings, one would be hard-pressed to prove that very many people actually like this conman.

Jimmy Kimmel, who has been a consistently vocal critic of the Trump administration, was the host of the Oscars this year. So, given his history of hitting back at the president, it’s not surprising that shortly after Trump sent out his childish tweet, Kimmel decided to respond.

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His tweet was pithy but stinging. Aping the president’s tweet, the late-night host sarcastically thanked Trump and called him the lowest rated president in history. It’s exactly the kind of insult that digs right under Donald’s infamous thin-skin. He needs to be praised and adored, and so Kimmel pointing out the fact that he is perhaps the least popular president in history is sure to set him off.

Perhaps if Trump were more focused on actually governing and less focused on attacking the people he used to rub elbows with, he might stand a chance of actually raising his approval ratings somewhat. Instead, what we see is a president constantly sinking to new lows, in a ceaseless march to become utterly irrelevant and despised.


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Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.