A man just accidentally shot himself at an Iowa gun show


By this point, we all know that guns are dangerous. Yet, despite that universal knowledge, some people refuse to admit that the ubiquitousness of guns and gun culture in this country is something that has to change.

With mass shootings a now regular occurrence, we are reminded how deadly weapons are on a weekly basis, but it took the shootings at a Parkland, Florida high school and a bunch of teenage survivors of that tragedy to even restart a serious conversation about gun control in the United States.

As dangerous guns are to people on the receiving end of the gun barrel, they can be equally dangerous to the people wielding them. Case in point, the man who accidentally shot himself outside of a Davenport, Iowa gun show yesterday.

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Police reported an unidentified man from West Liberty, Iowa “had a negligent discharge of his personal firearm while seated in his vehicle,” according to a local news site, The Courier. The self-wounding victim was in the parking lot of the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds where the Big Bore Gun Show was taking place.

“The subject sustained a serious and potentially life-threatening injury,” police Major Jeff Bladel said. “Initial treatment was provided on scene, and he was transported to Genesis East Hospital for further treatment. No other injuries or damage was reported.”

The general manager of the Fairgrounds, Shawn Loter, told The Courier that “It’s a freak accident. I’m glad no one else got hurt. He went to his truck, loaded the gun and put it in the holster, and it went off. There were people around him. He was, like, ‘I just shot myself,’ and people helped him out. He was holding his side.”

Ironically, loaded guns are not permitted on the fairgrounds or inside the gun show. Loter said that:


“Folks bring guns to sell, and they are checked when they are brought in and when they leave,” he said. “They’re not supposed to be loaded, going in or coming out. The only ones who have loaded guns in there are the cops.”

The victim was lucky. He missed hitting any of his major organs and doctors were able to remove the bullet at the hospital. He expected to recover without major problems.

One has to wonder whether he is asking himself if he really needs to own a gun right now. He should be asking himself whether it’s acceptable for anyone to be able to buy a gun without proper training and licensing. His hospital bills might be considerably lower if that was the case.

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