MSNBC’s Joy Reid just went viral with epic takedown of Trump’s favorite Congressman (WATCH)


MSNBC host Joy Reid just took Florida congressman Matt Gaetz out to the woodshed and taught him a lesson about coming in hot when you’re on her show. The takeaway: don’t.

Gaetz tried to argue incoherently about the value of “multipliers of force,” or armies of teachers with firearms tasked with taking down an active shooter in a school.

Reid saw every one of his talking points and dismantled them one by one with either a correction of the facts and figures or a far more logical, rational argument.

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Gaetz clearly isn’t prepared to go off book and really fight for his NRA-fed talking points, as he quickly loses his cool when questioned.

He doesn’t even know an accurate count of dues-paying NRA members in his state. He tries to claim it’s one million, but Reid shuts him down instantly with a correction: the count is actually about one third of that. So, Joy Reid argues, the preferences of 300,000 people are dictating the law that governs the 20 million residents of Florida, most of whom probably don’t want roving armies in their kids’ schools.

Watch the unhinged interview here and cheer when Joy Reid schools Matt Gaetz.



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