Middle school teacher busted for white supremacist podcast just got what she deserves

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A Florida school district just took action to remove the teacher from the classroom after her as a secret white supremacist lessons were exposed.

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Citrus County Schools took to both Twitter and Facebook to announce the immediate removal from the classroom and suspension of teacher Dayanna Volitich pending their official investigation of her secret second career as a racist podcaster. Intrepid journalists at HuffPost put the pieces together about Volitich’s “Unapologetic” podcast where she bragged about injecting white nationalism into her middle school social studies classroom.

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Citrus County School Board Member Thomas Kennedy published this announcement on Twitter after a weekend long outpouring of anger over Dayanna Volitich’s vile hatred:

Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

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Tonight’s news is a major victory for the parents at Crystal River Middle School, who complained to school administrators about the 25-year-old Volitich for injecting her support for Trump and hatred of Muslims and Jews into lesson plans.

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She lied to administrators about her ulterior motives, but caught the attention of bloggers for bragging about – and encouraging – surreptitiously slandering minorities in the classroom.

But none of it would’ve happened without a blogger who took note of a public school teacher openly flaunting her racism, and the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the leading international hate tracking group. Then, HuffPost put it all together to catch Volitich:

Earlier this week, the blog Angry White Men, which tracks white nationalism, wrote a post about how someone named “Tiana Dalichov” had interviewed the prominent white supremacist media figure Lana Lokteff on this week’s episode of “Unapologetic.” Lokteff works for the media outfit Red Ice TV, which the Southern Poverty Law Center recently designated as a hate group.

In the episode, “Tiana Dalichtov” talked openly about being a public school teacher, but didn’t reveal her real name or the school where she worked.

HuffPost found a website promoting the writing of “Tiana Dalichov” that had a bio section listing the author’s home as Crystal City, Florida. Volitich is listed in public records as residing in Crystal City. She is also listed as being 25 years old. This year, when a fan tweeted at “Tiana Dalichov” asking how old she is, she responded that she was 25.

On an episode of her podcast, she mentioned that last school year was her first year in the district where she works. Citrus County School District confirmed to HuffPost that Volitich started teaching in the district in August 2016.

While the Citrus County Schools suspension of racist teacher Dayanna Volitich has arrived quickly, ensuring the proper administration of her permanent expulsion from the classroom will require public vigilance.

Because an evil Nazi sympathizer like Volitich has no place in the classroom of any public school in this country, or in any classroom, period.

But Dayanna Volitich’s stated goal to secretly propagandize your children means that there’s terrifyingly high chance that she will try again to get away with pushing her disgusting brand of race hate and Trumpism on impressionable children at another school.

Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a columnist for the Washington Press. He's also mortgage broker, writer, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida.

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