Kansas teenager just declared war on “old men” with epic campaign launch announcement


Seventeen-year-old Tyler Ruzich has launched his gubernatorial bid in Kansas with no ambiguity whatsoever regarding his goal.

Per The Washington Post, Ruzich, a Republican, is fed up with the “old man principles” that he feels aren’t working for the country.

“You know, lots of people ask me, what can you, Tyler Ruzich, do for people my age?” he said. “I say, we keep continuing these old man principles that aren’t working. In [Alexander] Hamilton’s time, someone my age could be commander of a frigate. Did the Founding Fathers consider that a 17-year-old might be governor? I don’t know.”

“Did they consider that a reality-television businessman would become president of the United States after losing the popular vote? Probably not,” he added.

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Ruzich is one of six teens running for the state’s top office, as Kansas state law dictates no specific qualifications to run for governor.

“We have age requirements on voters,” state Rep. Keith Esau said. “Anybody who’s running should be able to vote for themselves.”

Like Ruzich, America is also fed up with the old boys club leading this country astray, and a recent surge in the elections of Democratic candidates are bringing some much needed diversity into leadership positions in America.

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