Trump just stabbed Ivanka and Jared in the back in stunning betrayal

There are innumerable criticisms that can be fairly leveled at the Trump White House, but one of the most prevailing is that it’s mired in rank nepotism that would make a dynastic monarchy blush. It’s perhaps not the most egregious form of corruption coursing through the administration, but it’s certainly one of the most obvious.

Ivanka Trump has assumed a prominent role in the administration despite a pronounced lack of relevant experience and repeated demonstrations of staggering ignorance. She has no place in government and yet persists because she shares the president’s DNA.

If that wasn’t enough, Ivanka also dragged along her insufferable husband Jared Kushner, a parasitic real estate mogul who the president moronically decided should be saddled with the responsibility of solving the opioid epidemic and forging a lasting peace in the Middle East.

Both tasks have proved elusive for even the most accomplished statesman, and since assuming his powerful role Kushner has done nothing to inspire confidence. Just this past week Kushner had his security clearance demoted in what was widely interpreted as a humiliating black eye for the administration.

Now, a new report from The New York Times indicates that the clock may be ticking for the bumbling couple. According to aides within the White House, Trump has grown frustrated with his favored child and her sycophantic husband.

The president complains in private that the two of them should have never joined the administration, then turns around and tells them to their faces that they must remain on board. It appears that at his core the former is a truer impulse because he has secretly asked Chief of Staff John Kelly to help him oust Ivanka and Jared.

There is a deep irony in the fact that Trump is so habitually cowardly that he is unable to deal with issues like this by himself. The man who got famous off screaming “you’re fired” is scared of looking people in the face and actually firing them, doubly so when it comes to his own blood. He’s the worst kind of person.

He’s willing to make decisions that will upset and hurt others, but he’s unwilling to do it in person. That said, it is good that Ivanka and Jared may be soon forced to pack their bags. They (along with everyone else is in the administration) are wreaking havoc on this country. They won’t be missed.