Texas Democrats just scored a significant victory at the ballot box


If you need a clear sign that a blue wave is coming, look no further than Texas. The state just set a record for early voting, with Democrats outvoting Republicans by 25,000 ballots since early voting began on Feb. 20.

This is the first time in a decade – since Barack Obama faced off with Hillary Clinton in 2008 – that Democrats have cast more ballots than Republicans.

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In the last two election cycles, Republicans cast 100,000 more votes than Democrats in Texas. So far, Democrats are ahead by 25,000 votes. That doesn’t include votes cast on Thursday or Friday.

Experts attribute the Democratic surge to opposition to Donald Trump.

“If you want to compare Democratic turnout to Democratic turnout, it is climbing exponentially this year,” Ed Espinoza, the executive director of the Democratic-leaning Progress Texas, told The Hill. “You can’t underestimate the surge that we’re seeing out there with the blue wave coming.”


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