Stunning footage of Trump Hotel executives in fist fight just leaked [WATCH]


There’s trouble brewing at the Trump International Hotel in Panama and it’s starting to boil over. Violence broke out in the hallways at the hotel prompting the government to dispatch police in riot gear to handle in the situation.

This is the result of an ongoing dispute between the President’s namesake company and the building’s majority owner for control of the property. Since the weekend, the hotel’s staff have been trying to physically evict executives representing the President’s company from the property.

Orestes Fintiklis, the majority owner, previously filed a legal complaint last week to try to removed the Trump Organization. Witnesses allege they heard Trump people using a shredder and that they improperly destroyed documents.

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Things turned physical when he tried to deliver notice of the legal complaint to the Trump Org. representatives who had set up shop in the hotel’s lobby and they physically forced him out.

This is all part of an ongoing dispute. Fintiklis has been trying to cut ties with the Trump Organization since November, in hopes of reviving seriously slumping business connected to the President’s terrible reputation abroad.

ABC News posted footage of this latest outbreak of violence on Twitter.


It’s bad enough the horrible effect the Trump name has on all of us here at home. Now, he’s ruining the lives of hardworking business people abroad as well. This will likely revive the heated conversations around just how problematic it is to have an incompetent president with numerous conflicts of interest in his business dealings at home and abroad.

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