Stephen Colbert just called out Eric and Trump Jr. in hilarious World Wildlife Day tweet


Stephen Colbert has to know his holidays well. As host of a nightly talk show, he needs to stay on top of what he should be celebrating each night that he takes to the airwaves and mine that day’s holiday for any comic potential that it may have.

With March 2nd designated as World Wildlife Day, Colbert took to Twitter to urge everyone to celebrate the diversity of fauna that, although rapidly dwindling under the pressures of human overpopulation encroaching on the undeveloped habitat that wildlife depends upon for survival, continues to delight and amaze humanity.

He also managed to interject a little biting political humor in the tweet for good measure.

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Although including a photo of Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric on one of their safaris posing with an example of an endangered species that they just paid a fortune to hunt and kill would be an appropriate illustration for this story, those widely circulated pictures cause such a visceral response of nausea and disgust that we’ll spare the reader another look at them right now and just mention their existence on the small chance that you may not have already seen them.


Here’s a link if you really want to see the cruelty of big game hunting in action.

Thank you for the holiday greetings, Mr. Colbert. Instead of killing an innocent animal, perhaps we can just make a donation to a wildlife conservation fund instead, if that’s OK with you.

Join millions calling for AG Barr to resign after he defied his constitutional obligations to protect Trump!

Vinnie Longobardo

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