Bystander who reported vicious police brutality got assaulted by cops 8 days later (WATCH)


In February 2015, Jessica Mooney captured a video of Fort Lauderdale Police Department officer Victor Ramirez brutally slapping a homeless man named Bruce LaClare across his face.


As a result of the viral video, Ramirez went to trial, where he faced charges of misdemeanor battery and falsifying records. Mooney testified against him.

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The officer was ultimately acquitted of the charges and only suffered a 20-day suspension.

Only eight days later, however, police officers from the same department arrested Mooney outside of the Quarterdeck Restaurant, falsely alleging that she failed to pay a $63.57 bill. Credit card receipts showed that she did indeed pay the bill that set off the incident.

While in custody, however, Mooney was beaten so badly that she was sent to the emergency room.


Per the Miami New Times:

“Her lawyer told Local 10’s Bob Norman in 2016 that the officers claimed Mooney yelled obscenities at them and took a swipe at Moreno, but video evidence from the jail cell refuted the police account. Instead, Mooney says, Moreno “smashed her face” onto a fingerprinting machine, and then “three or four more” officers jumped in and began kicking and punching her while she was on the ground.”

Mooney needed two days of hospitalization at the Broward Health Medical Center’s emergency room to treat her “head trauma.”

“All I did was try to help somebody,” Mooney told ABC 10 News. “I testified because I thought it was the right thing to do, because the cop was wrong.”

Shocking photos of her extensive injuries, bruising, and cuts have been released.

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Unsurprisingly, no officers were charged as a result of the beating. With elections on the horizon, Floridians will have the opportunity to finally elect officials who will hold crooked cops like these accountable and replace them with those who value the lives of the constituents they serve.

Watch the local coverage of the beating below:


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