The NRA just lashed out at Trump in stunning fashion amid his call to take away guns


This morning, Trump embroiled himself in controversy among his supporters amid a suggestion that state legislatures take firearms away first and worry about due process afterwards.

“I like taking the guns early… take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.

Trump also suggested that a specific measure, which would allow concealed weapons to be carried over state lines, be removed from a bill making its way to his desk. The concealed-carry measure is a top NRA priority.

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NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker pushed back against Trump in a statement to The Hill.

“While today’s meeting made for great TV, the gun-control proposals discussed would make for bad policy that would not keep our children safe,” Baker said. “Instead of punishing law-abiding gun owners for the acts of a deranged lunatic our leaders should pass meaningful reforms that would actually prevent future tragedies.”

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As usual, the NRA spokeswoman deflected the conversation to the mental health system, fortifying the nation’s schools, and making sure that people already prohibited from possessing a firearm are in the NICS system. While these steps are also important, the NRA doesn’t suggest taking any steps in favor of actually impact the prevalence of guns, just retroactive steps to limit their effectiveness in the event of an otherwise preventable mass shooting.


“Doing everything we can as a nation to address the problem of dangerous people committing heinous acts is not inconsistent with the Second Amendment – the systemic failures of government to keep us safe reinforces the need for the Second Amendment,” she continued.

As usual, the NRA’s response to mass shootings is “more guns.” Of course, this should come as no surprise given the fact that the organization’s sole purpose is promoting the sale of firearms.

After a countless number of school shootings, the NRA’s stranglehold on the Republican Party is finally being put to the test. If the GOP isn’t willing to defend its own constituents over the gun lobby, they may be in for a rude awakening at the polls in November.

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