Here’s the audio Trump’s Treasury Secretary begged UCLA not to release


Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin is no stranger to the leafy neighborhoods surrounding the University of California, Los Angeles campus.  In the years before joining the Trump Administration, he turned his Wall Street millions into a much larger fortune by financing blockbuster movies in Hollywood, and so he’s undoubtedly attended hundreds of A-list cocktail parties in nearby Beverly Hills.

It’s safe to say he’s never received a welcome in this neck of the woods like the one he got Tuesday evening, however.

Secretary Mnuchin attended an event at UCLA organized by the Burkle Center for International Relations and moderated by National Public Radio’s “Marketplace” show host Kai Rysdall.

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Topics ranged from the economy to North Korea to the Republican tax cut Mnuchin’s boss, President Trump, signed into law late last year.  But the news coming out of the event was the raucous reception the Treasury Secretary received from the UCLA crowd.

So boisterous was the audience that Mnuchin reportedly complained that he wasn’t used to speaking to crowds what didn’t “wanna listen to me speak.”

After the event, Mnuchin even refused to sign the waiver that would have allowed UCLA to publish the video from the session, according to the Wall Street Journal.


NPR, however, covered the event as news on the Wednesday radio broadcast of “Marketplace,” and not only did they lead with the boos and jeers Mnuchin received; they used portions of the audio that clearly highlight the heckling!

You can hear the “Marketplace” report for yourself in its entirety below.

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Peter Mellado

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