Striking West Virginia teachers just won a historic victory over Republicans


A drawn-out battle in West Virginia over the lawfulness of unions has culminated in a historic victory for striking teachers, who won a 5% raise for themselves and service personnel, after a four-day work stoppage protesting the low wages and benefits that ranked them 48th in the nation.

Today, union reps met with Governor Jim Justice, who recently switched parties from Democrat to Republican, to negotiate a deal.  With teachers swarming the state capital building, bearing signs with slogans such as, “We love your kids. Love us back,” they won.

Not only did they hash out a deal that won them terms they could feel great about, their collective bargaining yielded fruit for state workers across the board.

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Local channel WHSV reported that the governor will capitulate to “a 3 percent raise for all state employees over the next year,” as long as the state legislature approves the proposal.

Justice picked a heck of a time to switch parties, with Trump’s unprecedented unpopularity rallying Democratic enthusiasm nationwide that is translating into a blue wave of electoral victories.

May this West Virginia win help turn the wave into a tsunami in the November midterm elections, so we can impeach Pence and Trump for their state crimes.


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