October 5, 2022

Pro-Trump dad of Florida survivor who Trump cited in CNN attack just admitted it was all BS

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A mystery surrounding one of Trump’s latest conspiracy theories has been solved. Trump cried “fake news” when reports emerged that CNN had scripted a question for one of the Parkland, FL students participating in the network’s town hall on gun control in the wake of the shooting there.


Now, that student’s father, Glenn Haab has admitted to altering emails he provided to news outlets allegedly proving CNN scripted the questions. He omitted a key phrase in the version he sent to FOX News and Huffington post, but he says he didn’t do it on purpose.

CNN showed the receipts.

FOX News and Huffington Post asked CNN to provide their email exchange with the student, Colton Haab, from before the town hall. CNN reviewed the email the outlets were provided, and found that they didn’t match up with the original email CNN sent. The content appeared to have been doctored to exclude one key phrase that provides context.

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This is the email CNN provided.

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This is the email FOX news and Huffington Post were working with.

That key phrase, “that he submitted” was missing. It made it appear that CNN asked Haab to simply stick to the question “discussed on the phone,” which left it open to the interpretation that CNN fed him a question on that call. CNN’s email indicated that it was the question “discussed on the phone that you submitted.” Meaning Colton was allowed to ask his own question with a pre-agreed upon wording kept short for time.

That Colton’s father would use his son’s traumatic experience for political reasons is outrageous. But that the President himself ran with it and politicized it further is even worse.

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