The Governor of Washington just scolded Trump like a child to his face on national television

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“I think we need a little less tweeting here, and a little more listening,” said Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D) to Donald Trump’s face just moments ago, as if admonishing a teenager to look up from his smart phone and pay attention to his parents.

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Except Inslee is a concerned lawmaker who has to address the President of the United States in infantile terms, in order to get him to understand the seriousness of his position, as he leads a nation grieving the deaths of 14 teenagers and three teachers in the Parkland gun massacre that occurred on Valentine’s Day, less than two weeks ago.

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Inslee also said:

I’ve listened to the first grade teachers that don’t want to be pistol-packing first grade teachers… I’ve listened to the law enforcement agents who don’t want to train teachers as if they were law enforcement, which they say takes six months… Educators should educate.  And they should not be foisted upon this responsibility of packing heat in first-grade classrooms….

You can watch the video of Inslee facing off with Trump below this article.

In the wake of the 59th shooting at or near a school in 2018 alone, Parkland survivors have ignited a national #NeverAgain movement to force Republican politicians to summon enough courage to pass sensible gun laws that prevent the kinds of mass shootings the occur in America in numbers far surpassing those of any other wealthy nation.

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Trump, who last year signed an executive order overturning an Obama-era bill that helped prevent mentally ill people from accessing firearms, also opposes an assault weapons ban, which is statistically proven to reduce mass shootings.

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Instead of preventing kids, domestic abusers, terrorists and the mentally ill from accessing weapons of war like the AR-15 used in Parkland and most other mass shootings, Trump wants to increase the number of guns, by arming teachers.

Never mind that a S.W.A.T. team’s first priority is to take out anyone with a gun when they enter a building where an active shooter situation is underway.  The sheer danger of having loaded firearms in the classroom increases, rather than reduces, the chance of fatal scenarios unfolding in what should be a sacred place where children learn in peace.

Rather than tackle this grave issue at a moment when children are speaking up as the conscience of our nation, Trump characteristically shirked his duty as a leader and continued to uphold the talking points of the N.R.A., which disproportionately funds the Republican Party — sometimes with the help of Russia.

Inslee took on the president’s idiotic idea to arm teachers, which benefits only gun manufacturers and retailers, not the students and teachers with bull’s eyes on their foreheads.

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The N.R.A. has 5 million — some say even fewer —  members.  The alliance of a relatively small lobby and the politicians they buy has held a nation of 350 million hostage for too many decades.  As a nation, we must stand behind the Parkland students, to say, “Never again!”

To join or donate to the March for our Lives, occurring in Washington, D.C. and satellite cities around the country on March 24, click here.


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