Trump just moved to reward his personal pilot with a huge government position


The ConMan-In-Chief is at it again.

After convincing a minority of voters to elect him president through the gaming of the obsolete electoral college system with a promise to drain the swamp of corrupt politics in Washington DC, President Trump is continuing to try to fill high-level government positions with his nepotistic appointments of family and friends.

It wasn’t enough for Trump to place Wall Street billionaires in charge of the economy just eight short years after they nearly threw the entire world into a global depression or to place veterans of the very industries that government agencies are meant to oversee in charge of those regulatory hen houses. Now, he’s trying to appoint his personal pilot, the man who flies the President’s own gold-plated Boeing 757 jet, Trump Force One, in charge of the Federal Aviation Administration, according to a report today on Axios.

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Trump has reportedly told a large number of administration officials and business associates that he’d like to see John Dunkin, the man who has piloted him from golf course to deplorable rally to Mar-a-Lago and back, as head of the FAA, the agency that supervises all civil aviation activity in the country.

Axios relates the comments of one industry insider who compared the situation to the Seinfeld episode where Cosmo Kramer enlists his golf caddy as a jury consultant. Administration officials, however, insist that Dunkin is qualified for the post. One source in the White House said:

“He’s on the list because he’s the president’s pilot, but if he gets the job it won’t be because he’s the president’s pilot.”

Another official told Axios that Dunkin’s credentials are appropriate for an applicant for the position.


“John Dunkin isn’t just a pilot,” the administration official claimed. “He’s managed airline and corporate flight departments, certified airlines from start-up under FAA regulations, and oversaw the Trump presidential campaign’s air fleet, which included managing all aviation transportation for travel to 203 cities in 43 states over the course of 21 months.”

While other candidates, including current acting FAA Administrator Dan Elwell, are being considered for the post as well, having the endorsement of the President cannot help but improve Dunkin’s odds at nabbing the gig.

The idea of his appointment to head the FAA may have originated while Dunkin was stuck on the tarmac with the President in Trump Force One and experiencing delays. Dunkin reportedly would tell Trump that none of the delays would be happening if a pilot ran the FAA.

Unfortunately for the foes of crony governance and fetid swamps, we may very soon test the veracity of that statement.

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