Prominent Republican just suggested arming teachers with grenades after Florida massacre


While President Trump has begun advocating turning our schools into military bases by arming teachers, a member of The Wall Street Journal editorial board has upped the ante even further with a call to provide teachers with even more powerful weapons than guns in a bid to prevent school shootings.

Kimberly Strassel, the conservative author of the weekly “Potomac Watch” column in The Wall Street Journal, appeared on a panel discussing the proper response to the epidemic of gun violence and school shootings in this country on Fox News Sunday this morning.

Replying to host Chris Wallace’s comment that even Florida ‘s ultra-conservative Governor Rick Scott has come out against President Trump’s ludicrous idea of arming teachers, Strassel made an equally outrageous proposal to turn our schools into battle zones.

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“Well look, I mean too I think you have to put it in the right framework,” Stassel said. “If you’re talking about forcing or requiring teachers to do something like [that] that’s not going to fly. But look we know that probably the most law-abiding part of the public are people who have concealed carry permits. They’ve had to go through a lot of background checks. They’ve had to go through training.”

“There’s surely some teachers out there, well quite a few probably, who have concealed carry permits. If they want to be more protected in the classroom, should we tell them no? I think that’s a debate that needs to happen out there, the columnist continued.

Other ways just for teachers to protect — maybe give them a flash bang or something so that when someone runs in they have some opportunity to help protect their kids,” Strassel concluded.

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Mere guns are not enough in this conservative editorialist’s view. Placing stun grenades in teachers’ desks will be the deterrent that prevents a maniac with a semi-automatic rifle capable of killing 17 people within three minutes from wreaking havoc in the classroom.

Nevermind the fact that stun grenades would temporarily blind the students as well as the shooter, preventing them from escaping the classroom. Nevermind that they can cause permanent hearing loss when deployed in close quarters. Nevermind that they could ignite flammable materials such as paper or art supplies and cause a deadly fire. Nevermind that some people directly hit with stun grenades have died instantly.


Strassel must assume that the teachers will have perfect aim with their grenades in the cool and calm circumstances of an armed intruder entering their classrooms while firing 45 to 600 rounds per minute from an AR-15.

Chalk this suggestion up as dead on arrival, as any solution that doesn’t simply eliminate the availability of assault weapons to the general public, a proven solution to preventing mass shootings by non-military personnel around the world, would be.

You can watch the video of Kimberly Strassel’s Fox News comments in this clip from Media Matters For America below:

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