Michelle Obama just surged into the national spotlight with a major announcement today


Former First Lady Michelle Obama has captured headlines today with her announcement that she will be releasing her new memoir, entitled “Becoming,” on November 13.

“Writing ‘Becoming’ has been a deeply personal experience,” she wrote on Twitter.

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Per Obama’s publisher, Crown, the memoir will “touch on Ms. Obama’s time in the White House, motherhood and her public health campaign and more.”

“When you’re in it, you don’t have a moment, a second, to think,” Obama said during a talk last September. “This is the first time in eight years, probably 10 years, that I’ll have a chance to think back on what it all meant.”

The book will be released in 24 languages and the audio version will be narrated by Michelle herself. The former First Lady also announced that one million copies will be donated to First Book, a nonprofit organization that provides reading materials to children.


Her husband, Barack Obama, is expected to release his own highly anticipated memoir through the same publisher in 2019.

With the Trump administration decimating the level of the national discourse, Michelle’s book will be a welcome return to normalcy, if only temporarily.

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