Trump just went on panicked tweet spree after Democrats release Russia memo

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The Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, led by ranking member Adam Schiff (D-CA), released a redacted version of the memo to the public after negotiating with the FBI over the cuts.

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Within hours, the President was tweeting his own rebuttal to the rebuttal.

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In a press release accompanying the new memo Rep. Schiff explained the need for a Democratic rebuttal to Nunes’ misleading attack on the FBI in the Republicans’ initial memo.

“After reviewing the memorandum drafted by committee Republicans that was made public at the beginning of this month, the FBI rightly expressed its ‘grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.’”

Rep. Schiff then went on to summarize “some of the material facts the Majority deliberately omitted:”

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“The FBI supplied information to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that Russia might be colluding with Trump campaign associates. DOJ provided the Court with a comprehensive explanation of Russia’s election interference including evidence that Russia courted another Trump foreign policy advisor, George Papadopoulos, and that Russian agents previewed their dissemination of information damaging to Hillary Clinton. Russian assistance would, as we would learn in the Papadopoulos plea, take the form of the anonymous disclosure of thousands of Hillary Clinton and DNC emails.”

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That thoroughly contradicts this tweet, from a clearly paranoid Trump.

And the following statement from Schiff even further invalidates that tweet.

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“The FBI had ample reason to believe that Carter Page was acting as an agent of a foreign power based on his history, including the fact that he had previously been a target of Russian recruitment, his travel to Russia, and other information. The renewals of the FISA were also appropriate and based on new information obtained by law enforcement.”

Trump’s whole tweetstorm is easily discredited, had he read the memo and Schiff’s accompanying statement more closely. He tweeted:

But Schiff’s statement clearly contradicts that.

“The FBI did disclose that those who employed Christopher Steele were likely motivated to discredit Trump’s presidential campaign. The Bureau used proper masking procedures so as not to reveal the identities of U.S. persons not subject to the FISA, but made clear that the likely purpose was opposition research.”

“Contrary to the Majority’s assertions, the FBI and DOJ did not use a Yahoo News article to corroborate Steele; it was referenced alongside another article and a letter Page wrote to then FBI Director James Comey to inform the court of Page’s public denials.”

Trump’s showing his hand and no one seems to have either the will or the ability to stop him. The more he tweets, the more panicked he appears, though it’s justified as it seems the walls are closing in on him as Mueller’s investigation gets closer and closer to the President himself.

His tweets are starting to read like reminders the President doesn’t want to forget himself, rather than declarations the public is supposed to take seriously. This is definitely a “who are you trying to convince of your innocence? Us, or you?” kind of situation.

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