Trump just agreed with Sandy Hook and Florida shooting denier in disgusting morning tweet


In a misguided – but characteristic – move, Trump took to Twitter today to “quote tweet” a man named Wayne Dupree, who notoriously cast doubt on the legitimacy of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 and is now doing the same thing to the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.

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On Dupree’s website, one especially disgusting “article” has the following headline:

“Sandy Hook Shooting: Grieving Parents Hoax..Worked for Home Security as Crisis Actors ….. Developing…..”

The “article” is, as expected, a smattering of inarticulate and baseless points tenuously attempting to discredit or “expose” the identities of the grieving parents who lost their elementary school-aged children in the devastating mass shooting in 2012.


Dupree is predictably up to his same shameful tactics in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, joining a growing number of conservatives who would rather victimize grieving families of dead teenagers than admit that semi-automatic rifles shouldn’t be sold to every idiot with a pulse in America.

Notwithstanding the disgusting promotion of a mass shooting truther, Trump also bragged about the black unemployment rate in misleading fashion. While it did, at one point, reach 6.8 percent, it hit a massive spike in the month of January, jumping to 7.7 percent, which is almost on par with the black unemployment rate when Obama left office.

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While Trump uses the black unemployment rate to overcompensate for his blatantly racist agenda, the biggest jump in that rate since June of 2012 all but eliminates once of the President’s most touted “accomplishments.”


Black unemployment under Obama went from 16.8 percent to 7.9 percent, a decrease of 72 percent. Under Trump, black unemployment went from 7.9 percent to 6.8 percent—only to shoot back up to 7.7 percent, for a total decrease of 2.5 percent. In other words, black unemployment has remained virtually unchanged since Trump took office. Furthermore, this rate has been steadily decreasing since March of 2010 as former President Barack Obama took the U.S. out of the Bush recession.

Instead of patting himself on the back and pandering to the black community, Trump should take care not to recklessly promote such a vile human being while the nation is still grieving the deaths of 17 murdered children.

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