NRA’s biggest banking partner just punished them after Florida school massacre

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The National Rifle Association’s most important banking business partner just announced that it terminated the gun club’s branded credit card deal.

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First National Bank of Omaha just tore up their lucrative agreement to continue issuing new credit cards that are co-branded with the NRA’s logo. They’re a major national credit card issuer and handle multiple NRA branded cards, which pay a fraction of every charge, signup bounties and more directly to the gun lobbying group.

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A spokesman for First National Bank wasn’t very forthcoming with details about the decision to terminate the NRA’s presumably lucrative credit card deal, but he did confirm the bank’s tweets to the Omaha World-Herald:

First National spokesman Kevin Langin said “customer feedback” caused the bank to review its dealings with the NRA. The bank is “not going to renew the contract” when it comes to co-branded NRA cards, Langin said. He wouldn’t say when the contract expired.

The bank issues NRA-branded cards as part of its business that brands First National cards with organizations’ logos, like Visa cards issued under the Scheels, Chrysler and Best Western brands. So a Best Western Rewards MasterCard, for instance, is actually issued by First National of Omaha; same goes with the NRA Visa Personal Credit Card.

It’s unknown if the news of an FBI investigation of the NRA’s links to the Putin regime is the reason for ending their NRA relationship, or if it has to do with the Parkland mass murder.

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The bank didn’t make a fancy press release but instead, this afternoon First National Bank began replying to multiple people on Twitter, who were asking them to end their relationship to the NRA.

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Before the co-branded credit card site was taken down, Think Progress reported that the NRA sold members on carrying these credit cards to pay for the NRA’s gun rights advocacy:

One version of the Visa card offers five percent back on gas and sporting goods store purchases, while another offers a low intro APR. Both cards offer a $40 bonus, “enough to reimburse your one-year NRA membership!”

The site also boasts that the card ensures “legislative action in support of your Second Amendment Rights,” “public education and awareness about the facts of gun ownership,” and “training and safety programs for individuals, families, and the military.”

Both the NRA’s national advocacy and political influence depend on gobs of cash from co-branding deals like these, which scores of Republican politicians greedily collect, in order to pay for their political propaganda in an endless cycle of blood money lust and elections.

Consumer boycotts and online activists can celebrate this hard-fought victory, which will starve the NRA of the funding it needs to harm America by doing things like when they spent $30 million dollars to help elect Donald Trump out of the $50 million they on major GOP elections in 2016.

First National Bank’s decision is a major real-world blow to the NRA because their co-branded credit cards were the lynchpin of a range of membership benefits to their grassroots in addition to generating big bucks.

Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a columnist for the Washington Press. He's also mortgage broker, writer, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida.

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