Republican candidate just made a humiliating Sandy Hook shooting blunder


Pro-gun conservative Arizona Senate candidate Kelli Ward just proved her political knowledge is so unreliable, she’s unfit for office. And it’s not like she was given an unfair question to answer. No, she can’t even accurately remember her own legislative record on guns.

At today’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Ward was asked about a bill preventing federal, state, and local government employees as well as licensed gun dealers from enforcing any federal law or regulation related to firearms or ammunition that she herself proposed only a month after the 2013 Sandy Hook school shooting.

Her response? She has no idea what you’re talking about, and she wasn’t even in politics at that time. So how is she expected to remember one of the most heinous mass shootings in recent memory, one where 20 elementary schoolchildren and faculty were killed?

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There’s so many things wrong with this situation. Ward was elected to state senate in November 2012. And if she’s forgotten about the Sandy Hook shooting already, then clearly she’s not paying close enough attention.

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“I’m not sure what you’re talking about, because I was not even in politics at that time,” Ward told ThinkProgress.


ThinkProgress showed Ward’s people the receipts – an Arizona Republic article that reported, “Under the Smith/Ward plan, government employees, judges and even jurors would be barred from enforcing federal gun laws and if any federal officials tried to do so in the sovereign state of Arizona, they’d be guilty of a felony,” in 2013.

Ward’s campaign communications director then clarified that the question was confusing, because they thought Sandy Hook happened in 2003.

If this woman can’t even be bothered to keep recent history of the last five years straight, how is she supposed to be entrusted with making smart legislative decisions going forward?

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Ward tried to recover, pivoting her argument away from a tasteless expansion of gun rights in the wake of a tragic school shooting and instead framing it as a pro-states’ rights argument. No one’s buying it though, and it doesn’t look like a quick pivot is going to work  this time, with the momentum anti-gun advocates have picked up in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

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