Hillary Clinton just broke Twitter with a powerful message to the Florida shooting survivors


While Donald Trump was too spineless to invite any of the anti-gun activist students from Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to his PR-stunt “listening session,” preferring to invite hand-picked Trump supporters instead, the woman who beat him in the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election understands the true significance of these activist survivors and the NRA-fueled backlash they’ve been subjected to.

No one knows better how to deal with disgusting right-wing trolls that Hillary since she’s been facing their constant barrages of attacks for her entire career.

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Her message of support for the Parkland students and the masses of students around the country that have joined them in demanding that politicians renounce their NRA-funded talking points on the 2nd amendment and take real action to prevent future gun violence by enacting meaningful regulations was surely appreciated by the teens who have been attacked as paid actors or stooges of some left-wing conspiracy to take away all of their guns by rabid gun nuts amplified by Russian bots.

That the students have been able to persevere despite watching their friends die right in front of them, despite having a Republican-led Florida legislature pass an anti-pornography bill rather than the ban on assault rifles that the students wanted to see pass, and despite the attacks on their character and motives has been an inspiration for America, as well as for Hillary Clinton.

Let’s hope that the recognition and encouragement from Mrs. Clinton increases the student activists’ determination and inspires them to continue their mission of seeing an assault weapons ban passed, the broadening of background checks, and the closing of gun show loopholes until it is completed.


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