Trump just launched a nonsensical attack against President Obama in unprovoked tweetstorm


President Trump started his day out with some “executive time” once again, which is to say he plopped down in front of his television and proceeded to melt his already addled brain by watching hours of the inane conservative propaganda show Fox & Friends.

Of course, not content to simply let the underserved adulation wash over him, he also made sure to tweet during the show, so that the entire world was made privy to his every impulsive response to the obsequious programming.

The president started out by attacking his predecessor, demeaning Obama’s track record on Russia. Trump has no legitimacy when discussing the topic, given his fawning praise for the murderous authoritarian Vladimir Putin in the past and more recently and more damningly, his refusal to sign new sanctions on Russia despite them passing overwhelmingly in Congress. The tweet reeks of rank hypocrisy.

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Trump then moved on to once again disputing the fact that Russia interfered in and influenced the 2016 election in his favor. Ironically, the tweets only increased the hypocrisy of the previous one. The president went from saying Obama wasn’t tough enough on Russia to giving cover to the foreign nation.

The American intelligence community has overwhelmingly concluded that Russia interfered in our election and intends to do so again during the 2018 mid-terms. Trump is selling out his country by refusing to admit that basic fact.


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Apparently not yet satisfied with his morning media meal of lying and hypocrisy, Trump then stated the Republicans are leading in the generic poll and attributed the fact to his regressive, robber-baron tax bill. Unfortunately for Trump, almost every poll shows Democrats leading, sometimes as much as 9 points.

The last bit of the tweet about DACA is in bad faith and untrue since it was Trump who unceremoniously ended the program in the first place to pander to his xenophobic base. Democrats are trying to fix the problem, but Trump refused to sign a bipartisan solution. He claims to want to help the DREAMers while in actuality he is sabotaging them at every turn.


Trump then plugged CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. This year’s lineup shows that the GOP has fully morphed into the monstrous party of Trump. Guest speakers this year includes everything from Pizzagate conspiracy theory peddlers to far-right French loons. It’s a thoroughly disgusting list that perfectly demonstrates how toxic, hateful, and unhinged the Republican Party has become.

President Trump also made time to defend Republican gerrymandering, presumably because he knows his party will have a much tougher time getting elected if they’re forced to engage in a fair democratic process.

President Trump then circled back to Russia and Obama, assuring us that he has been tough on Russia when in reality he has been anything but. He lacks either the courage or the incentive to stand up to Putin as he and his cryptocriminal goons undermine our democracy. Trump is unpatriotic and deeply unAmerican.

Finally, our reality television leader ended his length Twitter rant by addressing accusations that he forcibly kissed a woman in Trump Tower while he was married. He denied the accusations, but his past words and actions tell a different story. He can’t be believed.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.