Mueller just pivoted to the shady moves that son-in-law Kushner made as soon as Trump won


CNN is now reporting that Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has now expanded beyond his extremely suspicious interactions with agents of the Russian Federation but also into his desperate attempts to secure funding for his collapsing business company during the presidential transition period.

The crown jewel of the Kushner business empire, the 666 Fifth Avenue building, was purchased in a $1.8 billion deal by the young scion of imprisoned real estate magnate Charles Kushner right before the financial crisis in 2008 hit – and ten years later, it still hangs around the neck of the younger Kushner.

The building lost $24 million last year and has a $1.2 billion mortagage payment coming due next year – which has prompted the Kushner company to propose razing the building and rebuilding it into something that might actually make some money – which requires yet another round of financing from wary investors who have little interest in the project and little confidence in Kushner’s ability to not bungle it.

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While Kushner has officially divested himself from the project, his shamelessly transparent efforts to raise money from Chinese and Israeli investors using his father-in-law’s position as President raised eyebrows around the nation – and in the Special Counsel’s office.

Kushner has been accused of using his influence at the White House to punish the nation of Qatar for not investing in his building, received $30 million from Israeli company Menora Mivtachim just before his first trip with Trump to Israel in 2017, held business investment events in which he openly promised access to the President in exchange for investments in his company, and retroactively updated his financial disclosure forms to add literally hundreds of items he chose not to reveal during his first filing.

All this adds up to quite a convincing case of ethical misconduct and potential corruption – and it appears Special Counsel Mueller is letting no stone go unturned.


Original reporting by Shimon Prokupecz, Kara Scannell and Gloria Borger @ CNN



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Natalie Dickinson

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