Trump blamed the FBI for Florida school massacre. Joy Reid’s response just broke Twitter


MSNBC‘s Joy Reid gave President Trump a civics lesson on Twitter last night.

Reid was responding to Trump’s tweet attempting to blame the Parkland Florida school massacre on the FBI’s being too busy investigating his campaign’s collusion with the Russian interference in the presidential election to follow up on leads that may have stopped the mentally disturbed shooter before he could execute his plan.

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Reid went back to the basics in her reply to the President’s self-serving tweet, offering the President an organizational lesson about the agency that is part of the executive branch of government that Trump “leads” and that he presumably should know about the details of its structure.

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That Joy Reid is clever. She saw what Trump was clumsily attempting to do and, unlike his gullible and too lazy to think for themselves supporters, called it out as the attempted self-interested con job that it was, all while providing the President with some valuable information about the FBI’s internal structure that he should know and probably doesn’t.

Thanks for the lesson, Joy, and for pointing out Trump’s vile effort to pin the blame for the school shooting on anything besides the Republican Party’s obstructionism on gun control while helping demonize our top law enforcement agency to help discredit their investigation into his and his party’s misdeeds.

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