Kentucky’s Governor just tried to blame shootings on violent movies. New Zealand’s response is epic


Republicans in the pocket of the National Rifle Association will do anything to blame mass school shootings on everything but the guns themselves, because you know that guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people.

The rest of us know that people without guns have a much harder time killing so many people at once without the aid of a device designed for killing in their hands, but NRA-funded GOP stalwarts like to ignore that while pointing fingers at bad parenting, lax security in schools, Democrats, and their old favorite, the media, amongst the many other excuses.

When John Edwards, the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand, saw a story in Newsweek wherein the Republican Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, blamed modern video games, movies, and music for the latest school shooting that killed 17 people in Parkland, Florida, he immediately responded with a tweet that will hopefully shut down this line of argument permanently.

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Apparently, Commissioner Edwards is under the impression that Republican politicians will respond to reason and logic when it comes to discussions of the best way to end gun violence in the U.S.

Since he lives in New Zealand, however, he can be forgiven for making this mistaken assumption. He hasn’t had to live through years of mass shootings and years of NRA-supported Republican legislators blocking every attempt to pass gun control laws that could help prevent them in his country.


Perhaps we should include more about that in our American movies, video games, and music, so it filters through to New Zealand. Given that the hidden messages about committing mass murder that Governor Bevin seems to believe are contained in those media haven’t managed to make it there through those channels so far, however, that may not be the best way to communicate the point though. Or maybe those messages don’t exist and Governor Bevin is simply trying to deflect the blame while he tries to wash the blood off of his, and his Republican colleagues’, hands.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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