Just leaked: bizarre brawl between Trump team and Chinese nearly ended in nuclear disaster


In an administration rife with leaks, it’s amazing this story from November didn’t get out until now.

During Trump’s November visit to China, freshly appointed chief of staff John Kelly got into a physical altercation with Chinese security guards over the “nuclear football,” that is the briefcase used to authorize a nuclear attack.

While Trump was visiting Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, the military aide tasked with carrying the nuclear football and therefore required to stay by the President’s side was intercepted by Chinese security guards.

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John Kelly, recently installed as Chief of Staff at the time, heard from another aide what was happening and moved in.

According to Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, “Kelly rushed over and told the U.S. officials to keep walking — “We’re moving in,” he said — and the Americans all started moving.

Then there was a commotion. A Chinese security official grabbed Kelly, and Kelly shoved the man’s hand off of his body. Then a U.S. Secret Service agent grabbed the Chinese security official and tackled him to the ground.”

The incident was resolved almost immediately. You know, after the full body tackle.

Looks like we’ve been much closer to midnight on the doomsday clock than we thought.


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