August 18, 2022

America’s top National Security officials just humiliated Trump in meeting with European leaders

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At a gathering of European foreign policy officials over the weekend, US lawmakers from both sides of the aisle issued a stunning rebuke to the messages emanating from the White House.


Democrats and Republicans, as wells as top National Security officials alike assured European leaders that contrary to the tone, tenor, and actual words featured in the President’s regular “America First”-themed tweet storms, the US remains staunchly committed to its European allies and preserving the historic order that has ensured a general state of peace since the second world war.

US officials got even more specific, and countered Trump’s tweets by saying that, in fact, the US is deeply pissed at Russia for interfering in the election, and also that no, we will not be casually launching nukes at North Korea to shut them up.

Trump caught wind of this and started lashing out on Twitter, as his surrogates were literally in the process of telling the world to ignore him on Twitter.

McMaster didn’t “forget.” He’s just not that into presenting himself as a mouth-breathing conspiracy theorist on the world stage.

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Whether or not this “re”-information campaign worked on Europe’s leaders remains to be seen. One official speaking on the condition of anonymity wondered whether people like McMaster, who continue to collaborate with the Trump regime while still personally holding pretty traditional US foreign policy positions personally, are falling into the same trap as those who worked for Hitler under the Nazi regime.

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Doesn’t sound encouraging.

McMaster wasn’t the only one walking back both Trump’s and his own controversial foreign policy positions aired over the last year.

The Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and Senator Lindsay Graham both shrugged off Trump’s erratic messaging on Twitter.

Whether the world believes top officials over the President is a tough call to make right now. It seems like the reassurances of support and pledges to honor the US’s longstanding commitments to its allies went over well, but with some like that anonymous official still making comparisons between US government bureaucrats and Nazi collaborators, looks like the jury’s out for now.


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