A Michigan woman just found the perfect way to pay back Republicans for their NRA support


A Twitter post has inspired a novel viral campaign to tweak Republicans in the pocket of the National Rifle Association in the wake of this week’s horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Tired of the NRA-funded Republicans’ constantly claiming that it’s too soon after every mass shooting to discuss gun control legislation and that merely bringing up the idea of an assault weapons ban is “politicizing the tragedy,”  a Michigan woman named Fern Malila decided to give the Republicans exactly what they offer to the families of the victims.

Malila saw the Twitter post that her congressman Rep. Jack Bergman (R-MI) wrote about the Florida shootings.

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The innocuous tweet contains the typical boilerplate language Republicans use in situations like this, language that has garnered the generic label of “thoughts and prayers.”

Malila decided that the best way to express her disgust with a political party that publically offers condolences while taking copious campaign donations from the organization that spends a large portion of its budget lobbying to prevent any meaningful gun control legislation from being passed was to open her checkbook and give her congressman a contribution that matched what he apparently found so valuable to offer the families of the shooting victims.


Rather than putting in a dollar amount in the appropriate places on the check that she made out to her representative, Malila simply wrote “Thoughts & Prayers” and included the following note.

“Dear Rep. Bergman – Since you and your colleagues in Congress seem to feel that this is the solution to mass murder, please accept this contribution,”

Before she sent the check and note to Bergman, she took a picture and posted it on Reddit, where it became a viral sensation and inspired a campaign to have everyone send all of the recipients of NRA campaign contributions similar checks to make their point.

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With one major Republican donor announcing today that he will not give the party another cent unless they act on gun control, perhaps this is the only way to inspire action amongst the NRA faithful. Murdered students don’t talk, but money does.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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