Vice Mayor of Florida massacre county just rocked CNN with brutal message about Trump [WATCH]


President Trump announced a last minute trip to Broward County, Florida this morning on Twitter, adding that he was looking forward to meeting the “bravest people on earth — but people whose lives have been totally shattered. Am also working with Congress on many fronts.”

Locals in northern Miami suburban area, however, aren’t exactly rolling out the red carpet.  The Vice Mayor of Broward County went on CNN Friday afternoon and had some stark words for the President, who’s private Mar-a-Lago luxury club isn’t far away.

“Him coming here, to me, is absurd. Him coming here is absolutely absurd, and he’s a hypocrite,” Vice Mayor Mark Bogen told CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield .

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“How can you come here and talk about how horrible it is, when you support these laws?” he continued. “This is a man who supports teenagers and other people [being able to] to purchase assault weapons … and then comes down here and wants to act as though this is horrible and shouldn’t happen, but goes back to Washington and supports it. It’s hypocrisy.”

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Trump’s first tweet appeared to blame the victims for predicting the massacre but not doing enough to stop it.


And he wonders why he’s not welcome.  You can watch the CNN segment below to get a sense of the anger boiling over in South Florida tonight.

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