Trump’s spokesman just admitted the one thing Trump won’t about the Florida shooter


Raj Shah, second in command to White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, just confessed what President Trump and the NRA-backed Republican Party refuse to acknowledge.

Shah contradicted the party line when he said that American gun laws “obviously” should not have enabled the “disturbed,” woman-beating Parkland shooter to access the military-grade assault weapons he used to slaughter 14 kids and three teachers in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday.

FOX News reporters pressed Shah to tell them whether Trump thought the 19-year-old  shooter should have been able to legally access an AR-15, the same assault rifle used in many of the mass shootings that have reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. — in stark contrast to the relatively low numbers in every other wealthy nation.

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Shah replied:

In this instance, this individual did obtain the weapon through a legal background check . . . We don’t know all the circumstances surrounding it, but obviously he shouldn’t have had that weapon and shouldn’t have been able to do the kinds of things that he did.

Catching himself straying from Republican-NRA orthodoxy, Shah — who once called Trump “deplorable” — hastened to add, “With that being said, there’s a whole host of issues surrounding this matter from mental health to school safety and a range of other things we’re going to be looking at.”

Trump, who last year signed a bill making it easier for mentally ill people to access guns, offered the standard NRA talking points, namely, “prayers and condolences.”
Meanwhile, Ryan said, as he has during every gun massacre over the last three years, that we should not have a “knee-jerk” reaction about restricting guns.
The Parkland students beg to differ.  At the vigil last night for their slain friends and educators, the teens chanted, “No more guns!”
Without a ban on assault weapons, and bans on mentally ill people, domestic abusers, and terrorists accessing guns, this nation’s most dangerous past time will only further imperil its future.
Shah has dared to broach the fundamental truth other Republicans are to cowardly to say — America must prioritize its children over gun manufacturers’ profits.
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