A Florida school shooting survivor just challenged Trump “face to face” in viral tweet


On Wednesday, a devastating mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in which 17 people were killed and dozens injured. A slew of students have taken to social media to slam Congressional Republicans and Trump for their glaring inaction in the face of such a travesty.

With the GOP offers only “thoughts and prayers,” one student in particular, who goes by the Twitter handle @sarahchad_, made a demand of Trump ahead of his impending visit.

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The request comes in response to Trump’s tweet claiming that he will be meeting with “some of the bravest people on earth.” Of course, it remains to be seen whether he will actually meet with the affected students or if he’s simply grandstanding for his Twitter supporters. The latter is all but certain.


This is the 59th mass shooting at or near a school this academic year. Americans have had enough of the inaction of Republicans in Congress that would rather defend the NRA than their own constituents. We need action.

Time will tell whether the President will actually engage those affected by the GOP’s allegiance to the gun lobby or whether he’ll exhibit the same cowardice for which he’s so known.

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