DEVELOPING: Active shooter situation ongoing in Des Moines, Washington community college


Des Moines, Washington’s KIRO7-TV is reporting that police have arrived on the scene at Highline Community College, due to reports of gunfire on the premises.

The school’s Facebook page read, “This is not a drill. Close doors, close windows. Police are responding to campus. Do not come to campus if you are on your way.”

A gas station employee said he had heard gunshots and that first responders are “everywhere . . . It’s like a war zone.” 

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An operator confirmed the lockdown to the Seattle Times, saying police were checking the college’s buildings one by one.

“I hope I’m here to answer when you call back,” the operator told the reporter.

17,000 students are enrolled int he college.


This story is developing . . . We will report more, as information comes in.

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Lucia Brawley

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