Trump’s FBI chief just exposed the truth behind White House response to Putin meddling


The Senate held hearings this morning with Trump’s intelligence chiefs about the ongoing Russian threat to American elections, and what that means for the 2018 midterm elections.

Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, who sits on the Intelligence Committee and also serves as the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, got FBI Director Christopher Wray to admit that Trump has no interest whatsoever in preventing future Russian attacks on America’s democratic electoral system. 

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The intelligence chiefs, including Trump lackey, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, unanimously confirmed that Russia is targeting the midterm elections this year.

Despite this imminent and existential threat to our republic, Trump has not asked once his top intelligence officials to look into or prevent Russian interference in our nation’s elections, Wray and his top intelligence colleagues confessed.

On the contrary, despite 17 intelligence agencies confirming that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and will not stop its meddling without strong preventative measures, Trump has issued inconsistent statements about the role the Kremlin played in the American electoral outcome.


While Trump often insults his fellow countrymen and America’s allies, he frequently praises Russian president Vladimir Putin, who is known to jail or kill his political opponents and critical journalists.

Furthermore, Trump has offered sensitive intelligence to the Russian ambassador and Russian foreign minister while hosting them in the Oval Office.

Despite a nearly unanimous bipartisan vote to levy sanctions against Russia for their electoral meddling, the Trump administration has undemocratically refused to impose those sanctions, giving credence to claims that Putin helped Trump win the election in order to do away with sanctions . 

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Meanwhile, Trump is doing everything in his power to obstruct the ever-intensifying Russia investigation before it proves irrefutably what three-quarters of the country already knows — that a Manchurian candidate currently occupies the West Wing.

Once Special Prosecutor Mueller exposes the President as the weaponized Russian asset that he is, We, the People, must make an example of Trump, so no Russian or American president ever undermines our country this way again.

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Lucia Brawley

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