Ex-wife of abusive White House staffer just called out Trump on live TV


White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter resigned last week amidst allegations that he physically assaulted two former wives and a former girlfriend. Porter was the person tasked with controlling the president’s schedule and the flow of papers to the Resolute desk.

The departure has created an onslaught of bad press for the Trump administration, with most reports indicating that the White House knew about the allegations for months and did nothing.

Lost in the shuffle and unnoticed by many was the resignation of another Trump official, speechwriter David Sorensen amidst allegations from his ex-wife Jessica Corbett that he had been physically and emotionally abusive towards her. Corbett says that Sorensen threw her into walls and put cigarettes out on her, reports NBC News.

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Now, Corbett is speaking out in response to an egregious tweet the president blasted out over the weekend. Trump’s message was widely interpreted as a defense of Sorsen and Porter, but one can’t help but see it as also a defense of himself, given that he’s been credibly accused by numerous women of sexual assault as well as been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl.

During an interview with NBC’s Today Jessica Corbett addressed Trump’s tweet, by saying that she herself received no due process.


She only came forward with her story once the FBI reached out to interview her for Sorensen’s background check. While she says she wasn’t seeking to destroy Porter, she couldn’t bring herself to lie on his behalf and felt compelled to expose his abuse.

“People accuse me of trying to bring a good man down, but all I did was tell the truth. I wasn’t out to get him, I was not trying to get him denied this job by telling the truth. I do very much believe he is one of the best and most capable people at what he does professionally,” said Corbett.

“I think he knows the truth, but the truth is bad for business,” Corbett said of President Trump, presumably a reference to the fact that Trump has still failed to publicly condemn domestic abuse.

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Natalie Dickinson

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