Trump’s deportation force just tore an innocent father away from his cancer-stricken son

Another day brings yet another horrifying story of how America’s deportation police are cruelly tearing families apart to enforce the Trump administration’s un-American agenda of soft ethnic cleansing.

This time the victim is Jesus Berrones, 30, who lives in Arizona with his pregnant wife and five children. Though he is the only person providing for his family and is desperately trying to take care of his five-year-old son, who is battling leukemia, ICE refused to grant him a stay and informed him he’s going to be deported anyway, leaving his wife Sonia to deal with the kids and their son’s illness all by herself.

Berrones was brought to the United States when he was an infant and deported at the age of 19 for driving with a fake license; he has since snuck back into the US to be with his family.

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Berrones has been forced to take shelter in a “sanctuary” church until he can find some way to resolve the issue.

The heartwrenching tales of innocent families who have committed no crime beyond being born within the wrong geographic coordinates torn apart by the sadistic thugs in ICE should chill the bones of every American.

The gleeful enthusiasm with which they go about their cruel business is evidence enough that their mission of deporting undocumented criminals and inspecting imported cargo has long been put aside in favor of unleashing a reign of terror and discrimination upon minority populations.

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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

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