Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly’s hometown paper just gave him the ass-kicking he deserves


John Kelly’s hometown paper, The Boston Globe just took the White House Chief of Staff to task for what’s turning out to be an abysmal job done reining in the President.

After an unusually bad week for Kelly, op-ed writer Michael Cohen enumerated the former Marine General’s most notable shortcomings.

This week alone, Kelly bungled the firing of White House aide Rob Porter, who apparently had extensive domestic assault allegations levied against him by two of his former wives. As a result he was denied a permanent security clearance but was given access to classified information and allowed to continue working for the President anyway.

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After these allegations came out, Kelly seems to have told underlings to promote an alternate story about his handling of the situation, trying to cover his tracks.

Shortly thereafter, a second White House staffer resigned for the same reason, but Kelly was already embroiled in a handful of other scandals of his own making to take much heat for that.

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Earlier this week, Kelly called Dreamers “too lazy to get off their asses” for not registering for the program. That provoked intense backlash from just about everyone who heard it.

Cohen argued in his op-ed that Kelly’s legacy will ultimately be that of a cruel, incompetent bad man who was bad at his job. He basically said, “Kelly, your racism is showing.” And he’s not wrong.

Kelly, who was supposed to be a normalizing force for the President, seems to have only further indulged the darkest and most racist tendencies in the Trump white house.


Kelly had a heavy hand in crafting the Muslim Ban and ramping up the horrible efforts at ICE to deport law-abiding immigrants back to countries they’ve never known. He seems to have been the cause of DACA negotiations crumbling, because of his vocal expressions of seriously racist views on non-white immigrants.

The Globe pulls no punches trashing the White House Chief of Staff. The paper warns Kelly that his legacy is already compromised, and that going to work for the Trump White House is the death knell for a good reputation.

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