An Eagles Super Bowl champ just got harassed by a Trump fan and made him look foolish

Superbowl champion Torrey Smith just ran into a Trump fan and schooled him on his own argument. The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver recounted the whole story on Twitter and the internet is loving it.

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Trump’s MAGA movement has really taken on a life of its own since the beginning of this administration.

Hate crimes have increased in number not just since the beginning of the Trump Administration, but since the 2016 campaign as well. With racist-in-chief Donald Trump in office, bigots seem to feel empowered to come out of the shadows and express virulent views that are still deeply unacceptable.

Trump’s racist policy proposals aren’t helping. Between his multiple unlawful Muslim Bans and his racist ramping up of deportations by ICE, Trump has sent a message from the top that this kind of anti-minority behavior is not just OK, it’s the law of the land.

Torrey Smith answered this instance of MAGA trash with class.