President Trump’s speechwriter just resigned in scandal


A second White House aide has resigned following allegations of domestic abuse.

Speechwriter David Sorenson’s ex-wife revealed the disturbing details of the couple’s rocky two and a half year marriage. She claimed Sorenson was emotionally abusive and violent while they were together.

Sorenson forcefully denied the claims but did also immediately tender his resignation. Nothing says “innocent” like instantaneously walking away from your job.

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This is the second resignation in as many days, following the bombshell reveal of White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter’s multiple accusations of domestic abuse by his two ex-wives.

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The White House has come under fire for the handling of Porter’s case after it was revealed that both of Porter’s ex-wives recounted the abuses in detail to the FBI as part of Porter’s background check. That means that Chief of Staff John Kelly had to have known about Porter’s wrongdoings for almost a full year before doing anything about it.


Porter has had access to classified information since he assumed his position, despite the fact that he had these allegations levied against him, and that he could be compromised as a result.

The President himself has defended Porter, going so far as to question the veracity of both ex-wives’ claims in private. This continues a trend for Trump, who seems to always side with the accused aggressor while questioning and degrading the women who do the accusing.

The President is accused of sexual harassment and abuse by at least 19 women.

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