Montana State worker just went viral with inspiring story of defying Trump’s deportation force


This is how #TheResistance grows. Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts just quit his job at the Montana Department of Labor in protest of Trump policies that would force him to cooperate with ICE and “aid in breaking up families.”

The last straw came when he was asked to help prepare information on Montana workers that might ultimately result in deportations in response to ICE subpoenas.

He told his story on Twitter and instantly went viral.

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Dyrdahl-Roberts said he called his wife before he made the decision and that despite the precarious financial situation it would put them in, she agreed.


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Dyrdahl-Roberts received enough support via PayPal to help his family while he seeks a new job. The Montana Department of Labor reported that it was willing to help him find a new position that wouldn’t compromise his ethics.

This comes on the heels of widespread criticism of the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown. ICE has been ramping up efforts, conducting raids and executing deportations of people who have lived in this country for decades in some cases, breaking up families and sending people back to countries they’ve never known.

Dyrdahl-Roberts isn’t an immigrant himself, nor does he come from a family of immigrants. He simply said he empathized with the suffering of others and couldn’t be complicit in ICE efforts to increase it.


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