A new family values Republican just resigned amid disgusting sexual allegations


Oregon Senator Jeff Kruse’s 22 year career as a lawmaker comes to an embarrassing close today after he tendered his resignation.

The Oregon Republican has been the subject of a months-long sexual harassment investigation. He hasn’t admitted to the accusations, but his resignation is as good as an admission of guilt.

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Kruse was accused of repeatedly groping and sexually harassing women in the Oregon Capitol over several years. He was warned multiple times to cut it out. Nevertheless, he persisted. An investigator found that he actually ramped up his attacks after being told to stop.

Kruse refused to admit any wrongdoing. Up until today, he maintained that he would not resign, and that he’d challenge any investigative findings. But the writing was on the wall and Kruse faced pressure from both sides of the aisle to step aside and stop distracting lawmakers from the work of governing.

He issued a statement after filing the paperwork.


“I continue to deny these allegations and I regret that I will not have the opportunity to defend myself before the Senate Conduct Committee,” Kruse said. “However, today I tender my resignation so my colleagues may focus on serving Oregonians without distraction and my constituents may receive the fullest representation they are due.”

Likely no one believes his claim of innocence. Another one bites the #MeToo dust.

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